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Monitored Alarm Systems from ESP Security

ESP Security have installed non monitored and monitored alarm systems in Dublin and surrounding counties for over 25 years.

When installing a monitored or a non monitored alarm system – ESP Security always use the same equipment for the installation – the HKC System. This system can send intruder messages to the monitoring station faster than most other systems on the market.

With the HKC System we can also verify whether there is actually an intruder in your home – we do this by installing a motion beam.

Firstly the intruder breaks the door open which activates the alarm panel and sends a intruder signal to the monitoring station. Then if the intruder continues to attempt entry and passes the motion detector in the house – the system will send a second signal to the monitoring station this is called a confirmed intruder.

ESP Security can monitor all alarm systems – even if we didn’t install them –  as long as they conform to standards set out by the NSAI and the Private security authority.

We’re often asked what benefits a monitored alarm system has for our customers and whether it’s worth the extra money.

It’s not easy to say in a blog post which benefits relate to your situation if you opt for monitored alarms, which is why we direct people to give us a call any time on 01 8391188 and a member of our team would happily answer any questions you may have.

But we’ll do our best to give you the general idea.

1 – You aren’t relying on the good Samaritan.

A third of Irish people will ignore a ringing burglar alarm, according to a report by Zurich Insurance and the BBC. A monitored alarm system guarantees you a response – so your safety is no longer in the hands of passers by.

All of our monitored alarm activations are acted on by our Alarm Receiving Centre who will call your appointed key holders.

2 – Noise regulations.

Current noise regulations state that your burglar alarm can only sound for a maximum of 20 minutes.

With a monitored alarm, you won’t have to put up with false alarms causing noise complaints because the receiving centre operator can identify these quickly and deactivate the alarm.

3 – Monitored systems are riskier to burglars.

When your alarm goes off, an alarm receiving centre operator will challenge the cause immediately. For a burglar, there’s nothing more terrifying than being caught in the middle of their crime, so the criminal will flee the scene.

4 – Access to the Gardai.

Monitored alarm systems give the operator in the alarm receiving centre the ability to call the garda if they think your home is being burgled.

So, while your neighbour ignores the alarm, the guards are already on their way.

Monitored alarm systems offer an even more secure way to protect your home or business by guaranteeing a response to any activation.

If a building is occupied when a fire breaks out or an intruder enters, then someone can respond to the alarm and call the guards or fire brigade.

But what happens when there is no one around? If the alarm does go off, can you rely on someone alerting the authorities to a fire or a break in?

Whether it’s a fire alarm, intruder alarm or CCTV system, ESP Security offer 24/7 System Monitoring.

5 – Peace of mind

Knowing that somebody is ready to assess your security situation if your alarms go off is incredibly reassuring.

So there are five benefits of having a monitored alarm system. The next question we’ll tackle is, is it worth it?

In a world where your neighbours ignore your alarm and you can be labelled as a lower priority household if you have several false alarms in a short window, we think it is.

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