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If like most people you may have recently received your renewal for your home insurance, then by now you will have noticed a dramatic increase in your home insurance fee.

After reading the quote you, like most people, would have looked to the internet for a better quote, only to discover that the quotation you received was better than any other reputable quotes from the internet.

So how do you reduce you’re your insurance fee without comprising your cover, and without dealing with a company you have never heard of ,and appear to have a call centre in south east Mongolia ?

The answer is simple, contact ESP Security and have a home security system fitted.

In most cases you will receive a reduction in your insurance quote for anything up to 15% –  this may vary but it will help if the alarm system is monitored to our monitoring station, it also helps if there is a smoke alarm fitted.

You also have the comfort of knowing that the home alarm security system is monitored 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, contacting you or the Gardai in the event of an intruder entering your home. And because of our unique alarm system, the operator can inform you, or the Gardai if there is an intruder in the house at the moment of the call or if they absconded due to the siren noise.

If it’s a smoke detector that is activated while you are not at home or perhaps on holiday, the system will contact the fire brigade, and a key holder to let the fire brigade enter the home to deal with the potential fire.

Unlike the insurance industry we have not increased our charges for over ten years –  the cost of alarm intruder monitoring, fire monitoring, panic button monitoring, all service calls and 10 year warranty is only  83 cent per day.

Contact ESP Security today for more information or call on 01 8391188

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