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How do I stop my alarm going off?

As there are a number of reasons for your alarm system to go off – the best answer to is have the alarm system regularly serviced.

This will detect the faults before they become in issue. For example the batteries in a wire free alarm system will last about five years (depending on use), so to measure these batteries will help detect when they need to be replaced before they cause an issue.

The same can be said for old alarm sensors – the technician can see how long it will be before they cause issues and you to ask in desperation  “How do I stop my alarm from ringing?.

ESP Security technicians carry all the equipment needed in their vans to repair your alarm system – regardless of the fault or brand.

If the alarm system on your property needs repairs or servicing, look no further than ESP Security. We serve domestic, commercial and industrial customers in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Louth and Meath.

ESP Security strongly recommend having your alarm serviced on a regular basis to ensure that should ever the need arise, it functions as it should. Also, if you suspect that your alarm may be faulty, it is in the interests of your safety and security to get it looked at and repaired as soon as possible. Many insurance companies now require you to have your alarm systems serviced once a year. The servicing we carry out includes a thorough check of your alarm system to ensure that all sensors and detectors are working correctly and that the control panel is receiving and processing the information correctly. For details on this service, contact our team today!

If you require regular maintenance services, we can visit your home or business premises once a year for a complete check and repair of the alarm systems. Please note we repair ALL alarms even on alarm systems we did not fit – ESP Security has vast experience with the majority of alarm systems and have carried out thousands of repairs across the North East.

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