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How do I change my Burglar Alarm Battery?

At ESP Security, we often get asked the question “How  do I change my Burglar Alarm Battery?” and where a burglar alarm replacement battery can be purchased.

When we are asked these type of questions – there are many dangers we always highlight. Such as having to deal with live electricity cables that are positioned right beside your alarm battery. Also, the nuisance factor of the alarm activating as soon as you open the alarm box! Or the fact that the wrong battery could cause a house fire.

These reasons alone should convince you that this type of job should only be carried out by a professional burglar alarm company such as ESP Security.

If you have not yet been convinced not to take on to replace the battery yourself – please take a look at the picture depicted below and understand that if you attempt to change the battery yourself –  this is what you will be confronted with – when you open the alarm box containing the alarm battery.

Bear in mind, the two sirens will be continuously wailing inside and outside your home while you work out how to replace the alarm system battery. 

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