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Five Benefits of Wireless Home Security System

Wired home security systems have been around for many decades. As the name suggests, the systems use wires run throughout the house to connect sensors and motion detectors to the central control panel.

Wireless systems are newer, but quickly growing in popularity. Instead of wires, the components communicate via radio signals. Read on to learn more about some of the pros.

1. Easier to Install
The installation process is less painful with wireless alarm systems. Unlike wired systems, they do not need to be connected to your home’s electrical system. And the process does not require much disruption to the interior of the home. With a wired system, it takes great time and effort to hide all those wires underneath walls, baseboards and carpeting.

2. Easier to Move
Unlike wired systems, wireless home security systems are portable. If you move, they can be disassembled and brought along. Transporting a wired system from one home to another is a waste of time, money and resources. You’re better off just buying a new one.

Wireless systems are also easy to remove if you decide you no longer want a security system.

3. Do Not Rely on Electricity
Wireless systems operate on battery power; they are not connected to your home’s electrical system. That means they work when the power is out or when power to the home has been cut. In the event of an emergency, rest assured knowing that you’re still protected.

4. Less Expensive
Wireless systems tend to cost less, mostly because they are much easier to install. Installers won’t have to spend hours burying wires behind walls, baseboards and carpeting. The time they save translates into significant cost savings for you.

5. Modern Features
Wireless systems often include modern features that make them easier to use and more convenient than traditional systems. View live video of your home from your work computer or smartphone. Turn the lights on and off remotely. Or, create alerts sent to you via text or email when someone enters or leaves your ho

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