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Home Security: “I am only going out for a minute”

When people contact our offices regarding an old or faulty alarm system, we always try to fit them in as soon as possible. Yet when we tell them this, they always say “there is no rush whenever you can fit us, we will be fine, we only use the house alarm system  when we go away” …..

When in reality the burglar is not interested where you are gone or how long for! Just as long as you leave all your valuables at home when you go! All they need is five minutes to locate all the so called “hiding spots”, (that are usually, always the same in every house they have ever burgled before!)

After entering your home the first thing many burglar will do is to put the latch on the front door and they will then unlock the back or patio door. This means if you arrive home during the burglary, the noise you make trying to figure why the key wont work in your front door, gives the house burglar plenty of time to walk out the back door carrying all of your valuable and personal possessions.

The following are five tips are to help you avoid being the next victim of a home burglary.

1. Get ESP Security to fit an alarm system.

2. If you have an old Burglar Alarm System, have it serviced by ESP Security. We can also carry out repairs on the majority of Alarm Systems such as Aritech, Astec, HKC and more!

3. When you leave your home for any reason or length of time, look around to see if anybody is hanging around.

4. Don’t leave any building with all your possessions inside, unprotected.

5. Remember, everybody uses the same hiding places! Your home or valuables have no true protection without a home security alarm system. 

Don’t forget it only takes a minute.

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