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Home Security Camera Systems: Know The Facts

Homes with a surveillance camera system are afforded the peace of mind that their family are protected. But a home surveillance camera provides more than a feeling of safety. From academic studies to industry research, the data is clear that home security cameras provide actual benefits in terms of preventing
your home from being a target for crime.

Below are some of the statistics that prove the value of installing security
cameras on your home.

90% of burglars avoid homes with a security camera system.

  • 75% of burglars are deterred from targeting a home when signs or decals
    suggest a home is protected by a home security system.
  • Homes WITHOUT a home security CAMERA system are 3 times more likely
    to be broken into than homes with security systems.
  • In a study of convicted burglars, a majority of study participants said they intentionally avoided homes with security systems, such as a security camera


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