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HKC Burglar Alarm Security System Installers

25 years Servicing and Repairing Burglar Alarm Security Systems

For over 25 years ESP Security has been installing, servicing, repairing, and upgrading alarm and security systems in Dublin and the surrounding counties.

The first alarm panel we installed was the Scopetronic Homeguard. We also installed the Aritec CS 350 Panels for 5 years starting in 1995.

The next system we installed was the Aritec CS250 followed by the Astec 63 and 49 panels. As these panels became a little out of date and as we always wanted to install the latest and most up to date alarm systems on the market – we decided to install the newly launched HKC Panel.

Brian from ESP Security outlines the benefits of a HCK Alarm Panel 

The HKC panel turned out to be very reliable and we continue to install the HKC system to this day. In that time HKC have updated their panel numerous times while always maintaining the reliability we have come to expect.

In that time, they have also created many accessories for their alarm system including the HKC self monitoring text alert app, key fob for setting and unsetting, and a full wire free alarm system.

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