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HKC & Aritec – Tamper Alarm Circuits

All HKC alarm panels, Aritec alarm panels and Astec alarm panels have between 6 and 10 wired zones.

These zones can be connected to various different parts of your home – either your hall door, your living room or any other location throughout your home.

On every alarm zone there is also a tamper zone connected to every window and door sensor on that zone.

The reason for this alarm tamper zone is simple – it is to protect the burglar alarm system when its not switched on.

If somebody was to try to damage the burglar alarm system, the siren would activate.

And if a HKC GSM with app was fitted,the alarm system would send you a text.

This also applies to the external bell on the property. If somebody was to try to damage the external bell box  – it would activate even if the alarm system is not set. All equipment on all alarm systems in Ireland are required by law to have a tamper circuit.

It is important to have your alarm system serviced and to make sure the tamper circuit connections are all working correctly.

If they are not working correctly the alarm will repeatedly activate even when it is not set.

To have your alarm system serviced please call 018391188 we will be glad to help.

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