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HKC Alarm Repairs from ESP Security

Like any alarm system, with daily use, it is possible for a HKC alarm systems to wear and decrease the quality of its performance. This is why it is necessary for them to have a regular check up to determine how efficiently the alarm systems is working.

At times, you will notice that some of the parts of your alarm system are no longer working as they should be. In this case, you will need a comprehensive alarm repair from an expert  company like ESP Security who has vast experience with all HKC alarms – to handle your need and provide the solution as fast as possible.

ESP Security provide all HKC alarm repair services dealing with any number of repair issues.

With over 30 years experience in the security industry ESP Security  have the expertise to provide you with a safe and reliable security system repairs to protect what is important to you.

We can provide you with a cost effective solutions using the latest technology available to the security industry. If your alarm system has a low battery fault or is activating even when it is turned off, or it will no longer set for you, give us a call today!

All security systems should be regularly maintained if you wish them to work as designed. In some cases your insurers may not honour any insurance claims if you cannot prove that your system has been regularly maintained to the correct standard.

The HKC Securewatch home alarm was and is one of the most popular in Ireland. The older 6 zone panel was replaced by the 8 zone panel in 2006 but nowadays most installers are using the latest hybrid Securewave panel for new installations. Get in touch if you wish to get a quote for an upgrade to the latest HCK 1070 panel.

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