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History of the alarm system battery.

In Every alarm system in Ireland there is an alarm battery for back up, these are astec batteries HKC batteries and Aritec batteries, all fitted with the sole purpose of maintaining power to the security system or alarm system during a power cut to your home.

But where did the battery come from, the first reference to a battery was found recently dating about 2000 years old to Egypt. However most people point to the Italian physicist Volte for the invention of the battery in about 1800.Since then the battery has become an essential part of life, from the motor industry to mobile phones to alarm systems.

But why does an alarm system need a battery. If a house has a power cut then the key pad to control the alarm system will die, this will in turn trip the external bell outside the house, as this bell has its own battery, and because you no longer have control of the alarm system, the bell will keep ringing until power is restored. When ESP Security carries out a service on an alarm system we always check the alarm system battery, this is to ensure it is ready for a power cut, and can allow the householder to use the alarm system as normal for the duration of the outage.

Wire-free alarm systems also have batteries in each window sensor and door sensor and in motion sensors, these alarm sensor batteries last about three years, and then need to be replaced and tested. When replacing these alarm system batteries, the engineer has to be careful not to damage either of the two tamper springs inside the
sensors as this could destroy the sensor.

Always contact ESP Security if your alarm system needs to have any work carried out on your alarm system, including the alarm battery replacement, or an alarm service.

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