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History of the Alarm System

Most people are under the impression alarm systems are a recent invention but actually alarm systems have been protecting property for over one hundred and sixty years .

The first alarm company was set up in 1853 by a man called Augustus Russel Pope an inventor from Somerville in Boston.

Until then people had used the loud chatter of their startled geese or dogs to catch an intruder. Popes battery operated gadget may seem very simple from today’s security systems offered by alarm companies such as ESP Security, but it proved extremely effective against home burglars and was the basis for the very first alarm company.

It reacted to the opening of a door or window to cause a small hammer to hit a bell repeatedly thus alerting the householder there is an intruder, the clever part in his invention was that even if the burglar closed the window, the bell would continue ringing until the system was reset by the alarm company or the house holder.

Despite the pioneering work of Pope most people usually assume that someone else was the father of the modern house alarm system.  Namely Edwin Holmes, he was a business and creator of another alarm company set up after he purchased the patent for Pope’s invention, known as Holmes Electric Protection Alarm Company.

The next step was to set up the first monitoring centre –  this was cleverly done by using the unused phone lines of companies at night to transmit a signal caused by an intruder, as these phone lines were very primitive they could only transmit one signal at a time, either a business phone call during business hours or an alarm signal to alert to an intruder at night.

One of the first customers for the new monitoring alarm centre and their alarm company was Tiffany’s Jewellers. After world war 2, alarm systems became a more common sight, and through 70’s 80’and 90’s most homes were having alarm systems installed.

It was during the early 90’s that ESP Security installed their first alarm system and from then on became an alarm company well known for offering excellent service and great value for money, only installing the best security alarm systems on the market.

Modern monitored alarm systems can actually determine if there is an intruder in the premises, not just if an alarm has activated. This will hopefully help the gardai catch the house burglar.

If an alarm company such as ESP Security installs an intruder alarm system in a house, because of the high quality of our equipment, we can offer a 10 year warranty on all new monitored alarm systems. As far as we are aware, we are the only alarm company offering this warranty.

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