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HIK Vision Home CCTV from ESP Security

ESP Security have installed CCTV systems all over Dublin and the surrounding counties for the last 25 years.

A typical home would require about 4 CCTV cameras and this would usually take about 5 hours to install.

We can connect your home CCTV system to any room in your home however it is usually connected to your TV and remotely connected to your smart phone via the home wifi.

When ESP Security connects your CCTV system to your smart phone – you will have full control of your home CCTV System from anywhere in the world once you have internet connection to your phone. This will enable you to see live or recorded footage.

If you wish to view the CCTV system from your home, you will have a months worth of recorded footage to view.

All CCTV HIK Vision Cameras supplied by ESP Security have night vision infra-red capability built in and can light up at least ten meters from your home at night this distance can easily be increased.

If you want we can connect a speaker to your CCTV System with this feature you can instruct any intruder to leave the property immediately as they are being recorded onto your smart phone and hard drive.

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