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Five faults that cause an alarm system to have false alarms

The most common reasons a  burglar alarm system becomes faulty is

  1. A window or door sensor going faulty. Once our alarm engineer tests the alarm sensors they can replace the offending alarm sensor.
  2. Tamper on the alarm system. This is usually caused by a faulty alarm system connection in the system and simply needs to be identified and repaired by our alarm engineer.
  3. A Low Battery also causes the burglar alarm system to activate and needs to be replaced. The exact battery for your alarm system needs to be used in order to avoid the risk of a house fire.
  4. A Faulty alarm panel  – this is usually caused by age. There are a number of alarm panels in Ireland that can need replacing  – some of which  may be Aritech alarm panels, HKC alarm panels or Astec alarm panels. The good news is they can be easily replaced in your home and there is no need to replace the cabling unless its damaged or unsightly. In this case we will recommend wire free alarm equipment.
  5. Damaged alarm cables or alarm equipment caused by construction or home renovations. The alarm engineer will asses the issues of the alarm system and establish the best way forward – either bu repairing the broken cable or equipment or replacing it with wireless alarm equipment.

All these faults can be avoided by having your alarm system regularly serviced and tested on a regular basis. This is something we at ESP Security will be happy to undertake for you at 018391188 or

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