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ESP Security V DIY Alarms

Question : Should you get ESP Security to install your alarm system or should you try a DIY alarm?

Six days with a DIY alarm :

DAY ONE: Try to read instructions,once you have an understanding of the instructions then install alarm .Connect it to the electricity and, assuming you are still alive, then try to programme in equipment. At about midnight disconnect power as beeping is going through everybody’s head and keeping kids awake, go to bed angry.

DAY TWO: Try again, once you get sensors powered up and programmed, then set alarm .

Night of Day Two

Wake up to a siren going off, kids standing on landing crying because a burglar may be in the  house, try to stop alarm, eventually stopping the alarm, except for the beeping every fifteen minutes .

DAY THREE: Thinking you found the fault you set the alarm and then head off to work. During an important meeting you receive a call telling you your alarm has gone off, you leave the meeting to rush home to discover it’s a false alarm!  Once you reset the alarm, you go back to work only to discover at work you that the alarm has gone off again. You go home and disarm the alarm and leave it off .You then spend the rest of day worrying is your home protected??

Night of Day Three

Should you set alarm?  After discussion with your wife the message is clear – better to leave alarm off.  You spend the rest of the night thinking every sound you hear is a burglar.


Receive call from your wife to inform you ESP Security are installing your alarm today

Night of Day Four



Receive NSAI Certificate from ESP Security getting you a reduction in your home insurance and you also receive a TEN YEAR WARRANTY for your alarm system.

DAY SIX: Try to get refund on DIY alarm system

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