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ESP Security Replace & Repair Phonewatch Systems

ESP Security replace and repair all CCTV systems including Phonewatch systems

Phonewatch CCTV and Alarm Batteries replaced 01 8391188

As you may not be aware, ESP Security can now replace all batteries in a Phonewatch CCTV and alarm system including window and door sensor batteries and phonewatch camera batteries.

ESP Security have been replacing all batteries in all alarm panels and Phonewatch CCTV systems including HKC, Aritec, Astec and Scopetronic Homeguard for over 25 years .

A typical alarm panel battery can usually last for about 6 years – depending on how many times it has been used over those years.

A typical Phonewatch CCTV battery can last about 3 yrs. If a house has a lot of power cuts over the years  – this will reduce the life of the battery. A window sensor battery will last between 3 to 5 years. ESP Security Engineers carry all batteries for all alarm systems and CCTV systems including Phonewatch CCTV systems in their vans.

Batteries for alarm systems vary from system to system, for example a phonewatch battery will not work or even fit in a HKC sensor. So its important to employ an expert when having these batteries replaced.

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