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Dummy bell boxes versus intruder alarm systems

Sometimes people use a decoy or bell box, as an alternative to installing an intruder alarm system –  these decoy bell boxes are also called dummy bell boxes .

When installing a dummy bell boxes  – who is the dummy?

Is it the burglar who tests these bell boxes every day of his life and with a simple glance can tell the difference  between them and real burlgar alarms?

Or is it the alarm installation company rep who is out to give you a quote for a security system? (as you were just the latest victim of a home burglary because apparently the burglar is not the dummy and can tell the difference.)

Or maybe it is you the householder, who gets a certain level of comfort knowing when they leave their home, (with everything they own in the world in it) they use an empty plastic box on the wall to protect it – one purchased over the counter of any hardware in Ireland?

Nightime must be interesting in these homes….. Usually when a person with an intruder alarm system hears a noise, the first thing they do is ask themselves did they set the alarm? In the knowledge that they did set the alarm –  they simply drift off back to sleep.

On the other side of the street for the people hearing the same noise, with an empty plastic box to protect their family – it is a totally different story.

So don’t be a dummy – get an intruder alarm system from ESP security and get some sleep.

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