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Don’t wait for tragedy to strike – protect your home & family today

Here at ESP Security, we encourage all homeowners to take a proactive stance against burglary threats to your home and family.

Homeowners need to be particularly vigilant at this time of the year as the “cover of darkness in the winter months can be a strong motivating factor in opportunistic and planned burglaries.”

What is particularly disturbing is that a recent study showed that eight out of 10 burglaries take place while the occupants are at home. These statistics strongly suggest that residents are not adequately securing their property while they are at home, and that burglars in turn are not deterred by home occupancy.

Join the thousands of homeowners across Ireland who have decided that the safety of their home and family is too important to leave to chance. According to the Garda Crime Prevention Unit, having a burglar alarm is an effective deterrent.

ESP Security offers more than just a basic security system, we offer the most up to date home security technology customised for every home , be it large or small. As well as deterring burglars, installing a burglar alarm can reduce your home insurance premium.

For over twenty two years our customers have trusted us with keeping their homes and families safe . Our company is licensed which means we comply with all relevant European and international standards

Our home security systems don’t just provide peace of mind – they act as a proven method for preventing your home and family from being targeted by criminals. In a recent academic study of convicted burglars, the majority stated they intentionally avoid homes with security systems.

So don’t wait for tragedy too strike – Contact ESP Security today for more information and a quote

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