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Don’t Be A Nightmare Neighbour with a noisy alarm system

You set your house alarm system in the morning and head off to work happy in the knowledge that your alarm system is keeping your home safe.

Your home may be safe, but are you protecting your neighbours from an alarm system that is need of a repair? A fault in your alarm system may be resulting in a deafening sound of a 80 decibel alarm siren ringing all day while you are out….

In fact the first you will know about it is when you pull your car up to your home and hear the alarm system siren ringing for yourself… this point like any good neighbour,  you will immediately turn off the house alarm system. However unless your neighbour calls in and lets you know your alarm has been ringing all day – you may not realise it is time to get your house alarm fixed by an alarm repair company such as ESP Security.

The typical cost for a alarm repair is €90 including VAT, parts are extra. Typically the sensor is what needs to be replaced and a typical cost for a sensor is €35 including VAT.

Keep in mind, if your burglar alarm keeps going off due to a fault – the majority of your neighbours will simply ignore your burglar alarm system when a real burglary is taking place. ( A recent survey reported only 3 per cent said they would call the Gardaí, while 87 per cent admitted that they would ignore the alarm altogether. )

So don’t be that nightmare neighbour with an erratic alarm system and do yourself a favour to insure your home is fully protected – contact ESP Security today for more information about getting your alarm system repaired today.

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