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Do ESP Security repair all alarms? The answer is YES!

This morning we got a call from Frank in Clondalkin – he had a simple question: do you repair all types of alarm systems?

Caroline who took the call in our office explained that yes we do repair all types of alarm systems that are on sale on the Irish market. Frank explained he had an Aritec alarm panel and it wouldn’t set up and it had a message Bell Tamper on the screen. Caroline explained that this was due to either a faulty bell box or fuse in the bell box.

Caroline sent one of our technicians Mark to Frank’s house and indeed she was correct – it was simply a fuse in the bell box. Mark carries all fuses for all alarm systems in his van so he was able to get the alarm system back up and running which was really appreciated by Frank.

As Caroline explained to Frank, ESP Security repair all alarms on sale on the Irish market. We undertake Astec alarm repairs, HKC alarm repairs, Scopetronic and Homeguard alarm repairs.

ESP can repair alarm systems as long as they are approved for sale within the EU. If they are not approved within the EU, then there is the potential that the alarm could be a fire hazard in your home. We would always advise anyone to purchase a burglar alarm sold only in Ireland –  this is particularly important as some people are purchasing very poor quality alarm systems over the internet and these systems can be extremely dangerous. For further advise and information about the best burglar alarm systems or repairs – contact ESP Security today for more information and a quote.



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