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Do alarm systems have an override code?

A lot of people ask me do alarm companies have an override code in case they lose their alarm code? The answer is no – there is no code that will stop your alarm system ringing except your user code which was given to you when you purchased the burglar alarm system.

Once an alarm system is installed, it has the capacity to activate, even if its not set.

If the burglar alarm system was to activate because of a low battery or damaged cable, or any of a dozen reasons – you would need the user code to stop bells ringing and contacting any alarm company for an override code would be a total waste of time.

Its possible people mix up the engineer code with an override code. An engineer code can make an alarm system dormant but it cannot be activating when the code is used – the user code must be used first.

For this reason you must always insist on getting the burglar alarm code for a new property when you are getting the keys. This is important even if the previous owner says they never use their burglar alarm system because as I mentioned earlier, that alarm system can activate at any time even if it is not set. And you wont be able to stop the alarm bells unless you climb up the wall and try to pull the bell box off the wall. I would strongly suggest you do not try this – not just because it Is dangerous but because you also have an internal siren connected to the main alarm panel and you could get an electric shock.

So the answer to my earlier question is –  there is no such thing as an override code for your Burglar alarm system.

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