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Current Exciting Trends in Home Security

2016 has already proven to be a huge year for home security, and the industry is projected to only expand further in time. The home security industry of today is a far cry from what it was even a couple of years ago, with impressive new technological advancements being presented almost constantly. With all the new systems available in the market today, and with even more expansions planned for the near future, there are a few important trends going on right now in particular that we can only expect to see more of.

Security systems that stress the importance of user experience.

While modern security systems have more features than ever before, you might assume that this would make them more complicated to figure out and harder to use on a daily basis. Fortunately, this is not the case, as more and more security companies like ESP Security are recognising the importance of a user experience that is both streamlined and simple enough that even the most technologically-challenged of us can make sense of it. And since most of us rely on websites and apps to simplify our day-to-day processes, many companies are turning their focus to these platforms in order to provide useful, easy to understand guidance for when operating their products.

Security systems that are accessible by smartphone or tablet.

With an emphasis on convenience, more and more security companies are recognising the fact that their customers appreciate a security system that they can access even when they aren’t at home. And because smartphones and tablets are so incredibly common nowadays, giving people wireless access to their home security from their portable devices can instantly increase their peace of mind and sense of security. With integrated smartphone apps now coming standard with many home security systems, homeowners can easily check-in on things at home by viewing live camera footage, monitoring their system’s activity, and even arming or disarming their system from a distance when they can’t be there to do it in person.

Security systems that have video surveillance at their core.

Human beings tend to process information more easily if they can see it, rather than if they can simply just read it or hear it. Just being told that our home is safe and secure is not enough, we need to see it for ourselves – hence, the quickly growing popularity of camera home security systems.  Video-monitoring and live streaming are now the primary features showcased in many modern systems, and usually with added smartphone app integration for additional convenience and a simplified user experience. Even with all the extras and fancy features, you’ll find that most modern security systems are designed and built around cameras.

At ESP Security, we pride ourselves on providing home alarm systems that  are easy to use, highly integrated, and visually focused, so that each and every one of our clients can feel rest assured knowing that their families and homes are protected. Whether you are in need of a complete burglar alarm system installation, or would simply like to update an old burglar alarm system with the most current and state of the art features, contact ESP today to learn more about your options.

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