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Common Faults found and repaired on HKC Alarm Panels

Low Battery/Battery Fault         

This will say low battery on screen or battery fault. Can also be caused by a fuse If the wrong battery is installed in your hkc alarm it can result in a fire..

Alarm goes off in windy

This hkc system is over sensitive it will show up as pulse or gross fault.

Bell Fault    

This refers to the external siren ,it may need to be replaced or could be fuse or Cable fault..

RKP Comms fault

This refers to the communication between hkc key pad and panel. Caused by cable or fuse fault or panel  fault ,never try to change the fuse yourself as this can blow the circuit board, which may mean a new alarm system, call an engineer .

Alarm wont beep during entry 

This can be caused by a faulty contact on front door, may need to be replaced.

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