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Commercial CCTV Installations Dublin

Securing your home, business or commercial premises with 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance.

Our CCTV camera engineers have years of experience working with businesses to ensure you have a system designed specifically to your needs, whatever your building’s size and scope.


  • You’ve recently bought or taken over a premises which does not have surveillance, and you would like a CCTV camera system installed as a criminal deterrent.
  • You would like to monitor your staff and the day-to-day operations of your business.
  • Your business holds sensitive data or materials, which requires 24-hour camera surveillance.
  • You’ve recently had a burglary and did not have CCTV in place, and would now like to implement it.

At ESP Security, we understand how hard you’ve worked to build your business or how much you value the safety of your home and the importance of protecting it. The cost of leaving a premises without surveillance, particularly for those containing high-value stock and materials, can far outweigh the cost of a CCTV system installation. From retail stores and restaurants to schools and warehouses, our engineers are experienced in installing CCTV systems for a variety of premises.


  • A reliable CCTV system, installed by professionals who design and implement the use of cameras in the most strategic way for your specific building.
  • Staff who feel confident using the computer software or mobile app (if applicable) to play back recordings and access footage on-the-go.
  • Ongoing maintenance (typically on an annual basis) to ensure your cameras are working efficiently, helping to avoid the cost of any unnecessary repairs, whilst ensuring that playback is both clear and quick to load.
  • A CCTV system as an addition to an intruder security alarm system to further secure your premises.

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