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Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems you can count on from ESP Security


Protect your business from intruders with the latest security systems installed by ESP Security. Serving businesses across Dublin, Kildare, Louth, Meath & Wicklow.

At ESP Security, we have a team of trained professionals on hand who can help you choose the right security system for your premises. Our team will survey your property and then install the system to ensure maximum security. 

We offer bespoke business burglar alarms which work effectively to protect your business. An effective alarm security system will act as a strong deterrent to intruders, while alerting your staff & the Gardai should the need arise. We offer all levels of security alarm systems for your business, from ‘bells only’ to highly sophisticated monitored alarm systems using CCTV intruder alarm systems.

We use the very latest alarm control equipment & detection devices giving system flexibility and ease of use. Our business burglar alarm systems are tailored to protect small shops to large industrial premises & offices.

All new alarm installations are designed to comply with current European Standards for intruder alarms.

We can provide you with a full quotation to install a new alarm system, or to service & maintain an existing alarm system you may have.


 Non-Stop 24/7 Monitoring Assurance

Lock down the security of your entire place of business with surveillance that operates 24 hours a day—seven days a week. So you can maintain an eagle eye view—anytime you want, wherever you are.

Safeguard Your Valuable Assets

Secure your most valuable assets with the presence of a superior security system. The mere presence of having a system installed deters potential intruders and alerts you instantly during criminal activity.

Rapid Response Alerts

Implement a Commercial Security System solution that instantly responds to criminals—and environmental hazards like fires, water leaks, or any other emergency that may arise

Commercial Security Services we provide

ESP Security has served businesses across the North East of Ireland of all shapes and sizes. We understand the variables of different industries and locations. Installing completely customised systems tailored to your needs.

It is with our dedication to security solutions based on our client’s needs, that we have built a reputation of trust and dependability when it comes to Commercial Security Systems. We will provide you with solutions you can count on. 

Our goal is to provide optimal security solutions for your business performed by our team of highly qualified professionals.

There are several security systems for your  to select from, each of which offers its own pros, cons, and special features. These security systems include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

Access Control Systems

When there’s a lot of foot traffic coming in and out of your building each day, it can be difficult to grant and restrict access. This is where an access control system can help. These systems require individuals to scan their credentials before entering a property, blocking access until valid credentials are scanned. They can be integrated with FOB security systems and more.

Intercom Systems

It’s sometimes necessary to speak with the individuals who are trying to enter your building. In these situations, intercom systems are ideal. These allow you to have a conversation with just the push of a button, allowing both the visitor and the security crew to communicate before access is granted.

CCTV Video Surveillance

Any number of individuals can make their way onto your property throughout the day. Unfortunately, not all these individuals are there for a good purpose. Some of them might even be trying to steal from your business. This is where  CCTV Security Cameras surveillance can make a world of difference. Not only can a surveillance system help you to catch offenders, but it can also scare them away, preventing crimes before they’re able to happen.

Alarm Systems

Not only can surveillance systems help to scare off intruders, but so too can a commercial alarm system. In fact, alarm systems will catch the attention of everyone in the near vicinity, essentially ensuring that the potential intruder leaves.


Monitored Alarm Systems

Together with its dedicated alarm monitoring partner company, ESP offers 24-hour / 7-day secure monitoring of all its security and CCTV systems.

ESP offers a range of different alarm handling services. Everything from a basic digital communicator to a fully integrated security system with visual verification.

Key features:

  • Automatic check call for false alarms to the premises.
  • Up to 6 key holders will be contacted by phone call, text message and e-mail
  • A choice of response or inform only key holders
  • Added peace of mind with Security Services Patrol & Response service

When it comes to protecting your business, ESP Security, can provide you with a number of commercial security solutions. 

There are several benefits that come with having a commercial security system for your business.  The main one being, a commercial security system grants you total control over who you let onto your property, and it also helps to deter.


Regardless of what industry you’re in, the safety and security of your business is always important.  

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