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Burglar Alarm Battery Replacement Tip ? Call ESP Security

As most alarm system batteries are powerful enough to easily cause a house fire, you should be very careful when dealing with a low battery on your alarm system.

Most alarm systems installed in the last twenty years will tell you if you need to get the alarm system battery replaced – usually with the message low battery or battery fault on the display. Some alarm panels will have a led flashing or trouble light on the key pad which can also be an indication the battery is low. 

At this point you may consider trying to source the alarm battery replacement yourself on the internet – keeping your fingers crossed that the battery you receive is the correct one and will not cause a house fire. Please beware, there are some alarm panels you should never attempt to change the alarm battery yourself –  as it is positioned in behind the circuit board and you could get an electric shock or you could blow the alarm panel.

To avoid any of these issues and for complete peace of mind,  why not call ESP Security and let the professionals do the job for you. ESP Security have replaced thousands of batteries in all types of alarms systems across Dublin, Meath, Wicklow and Louth for over two decades.

The best tip we can give you about replacing your Burglar Alarm Battery?  – Just call ESP Security today. 

Warning: You should never ignore a low battery or trouble led / fault led or any message  that displays in your burglar alarm system. 

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