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Case Study: Astec Alarm Repairs

Astec Alarm Keypad Fault

We received a call from Sean Og in Crumlin explaining that the number 7 no longer worked on his Astec alarm panel, he informed us he had contacted the alarm company who had installed the alarm, they informed him over the phone “because the keypad has that fault it will need to be replaced, and as there are no keypads on the market that means the whole Astec alarm system will need to be replaced at a cost of € 900”.

As ESP had recently repaired Sean Og’s neighbour’s Astec alarm, he called us for a price. We arranged with Sean Og to send out Ian, an engineer with ESP for over ten years later that day and change the code on his Astec alarm so as he did not have to use the number 7 in his new code.

Sean Og was charged €80 plus VAT including a full service, saving Sean Og a total of €830, i.e. the cost of a new alarm system.

Astec Alarm Bell Box Fault

In May this year we received a call from Jim in Finglas. He had an Astec alarm panel displaying the message SAB fault.  Mark, one of our engineers, explained that this is a fault related to the Astec bell box. Jim was nervous about leaving his alarm off and going to work, as this would affect his home insurance.

Mark arranged to call out that morning to remove the Astec bell box and replace it with a HKC Securewatch  10/70 bell box. The system was up and running before lunch that day.

Astec Alarm Cable Fault

Dave from Raheny rang our on call engineer Ian to report that their painter had damaged his Astec alarm and it was showing the message “14 call engineer “.  Ian was able to tell Dave that the message related to the alarm cables feeding into the Astec panel and the possibility that one had been cut by accident.

We sent our engineer to Dave’s house in Raheny and he found the damaged cable. He replaced the cable and did a full service on the Astec alarm.

If you have problem with your Astec Alarm System – Contact ESP Security today  on 01 8391188

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