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If it can lift a car, it can bend a bar…

Throughout history, the answer to home security or alarm systems was very simple – thick walls and small windows! Unfortunately this led to dark homes and damp rooms! As time went by and home burglaries became more common, it was clear a more modern answer to home security was needed.

It was about this time that steel became more available. This led to brighter homes with larger windows but unfortunately featuring prison like bars!  (Which was often found to be extremely dangerous in the event of a fire.)

When these bars were first introduced, steel was still quite soft and needed to be quite thick to be effective. To be fair, for its time, it was an effective answer to  home burglary problems often used by the larger homes in the country.

However these days, the burglars simple answer to this older burglary prevention method comes from the spare wheel compartment of your car…… the car jack.  A car jack is a light and very strong unit intended to lift a car off the ground to make repairs. Car jacks have become very small and easy to transport, and unfortunately  ”if it can lift a car it can easily bend a bar”.

So don’t be fooled into a false sense of home security….these days you need an effective, and modern home security or alarm system.  Which can only be provided by a licensed home security company like ESP Security –  celebrating 23 years installing alarm systems and CCTV systems and intercom systems in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow ,Meath and Louth.

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