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Can I replace a HKC Key pad on my alarm system?

Yes – you can replace an HKC alarm keypad as long as the keypad is from the same HKC alarm system.

For example, the HKC alarm keypad from a HKC 10/70 panel will not work with a HKC alarm 8/12 key pad.

By the same token an Aritech key pad cannot be replaced by a HKC alarm key pad.

If you are having trouble with a HKC Alarm key pad or with an Aritech key pad -it will be most likely because of overuse. This causes the key pad keys to stick or to not register when pressed.

If this happens then one of our technicians can change the code to different less used numbers – as long as we can gain access to the engineer programming.

However if we cannot gain access to the engineer code then the alarm key pad and panel may need to be replaced. The good thing is the Aritech and HKC alarm panels are interchangeable.

For example the alarm sensors from an Aritech alarm system will work with a HKC alarm panel as will the external siren.

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