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Buying a wireless or wire free burglar alarm system – 5 things you need to know

Five things to know when buying a wireless or wire free burglar alarm system alarm.

  1. Who owns your alarm ? Some companies retain ownership of your alarm system even after you paid in full.This means that in the future – you will only be able to deal with the same company for batteries and repairs etc – as your alarm system can be remotely disabled should you wish to move to another alarm company.
  2. Always ensure the windows and doors have sensors fitted directly onto them. Never substitute a motion beam for a window or door sensor – as the burglar will gain entry to your home before the alarm activates. Entry could be gained through any window -vincluding your bedroom window.
  3. Always insist on a reliable security system, preferably one manufactured in Ireland. HKC Alarms are manufactured here and are a very reliable alarm system. This is useful should you need technical support as you will not have to make international calls.
  4. Only use NSAI and PSA registered companies like ESP Security based in Dublin and Kildare. We have 25 years experience and thousands of very satisfied customers.
  5. Remember wirefree or wireless burglar alarm systems have batteries which will need to be replaced. This will need to be done about every three to five years.


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