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Burglar Alarms Dublin

  Looking for a security solution in Dublin or the surrounding area?

Statistics show that 84% of burglars avoid properties with a visible alarm system in place. Investing in one of our  Burglar Alarm solutions could be the best investment you make for your home or business security.

ESP Security is one of the most recommended independent burglar alarm companies in Dublin and the surrounding counties.

We have installed and maintained thousands of domestic and commercial security systems in homes, shops, councils, hospitals, offices, schools and other businesses. Our burglar alarms and security systems suit all budgets from the tried and tested bells only to remotely monitored alarm systems. We install and maintain the latest wireless burglar alarms to the same level of security as other burglar alarm systems.

Wireless Alarms Dublin 

ESP Security installs and maintain wireless burglar alarms across Dublin and the surrounding counties. With a wireless system, there is no need for unsightly wiring on staircases and skirting boards and, of course, this means we don’t have to lift carpets or floorboards which is a major benefit to your decor.

With the wireless burglar alarm system, there is absolutely no compromise in the levels of security and all levels of protection can be accommodated. We can even mix existing wired systems with wireless equipment, known as a hybrid system, which is very suitable for wiring in inaccessible areas like garages and sheds etc.

Our wireless burglar alarms are suitable for all residential and commercial properties, either large or small.

CCTV Systems Dublin

ESP Security carries out CCTV installation across Dublin and the surrounding counties in homes and businesses. Our installations range from one fixed camera positioned to monitor and record a vulnerable area or we have multi-camera systems which monitor all areas of a property inside and outside. We can install Super High-Resolution cameras with Motion Detectors and the cameras can be visible or hidden.

Guarding your property with the added security of CCTV is becoming ever more popular and the cameras and recording equipment has never been more affordable. Used in conjunction with a quality burglar alarm system CCTV is a great deterrent to intruders who know they risk being seen if they enter your premises. We offer cameras that are vandal-proof and weatherproof so you can always rest assured.

Access Contol Systems Dublin

ESP Security offers all types of Access Control and Door Entry Systems from straightforward audio verification with push-button door entry for homes right up to total access control, which gives you a complete record of staff and visitor movements as they enter and leave the business or move from one area to another.

ESP Security also installs proximity, card, and key systems with swipe or standard readers linked to a PC for up-to-date records of staff and visitor movements so you will know who is in the building at any given time and when staff has entered and left. When combined with a built-in CCTV, your entry system can provide you with visual confirmation of your visitors before you allow them to gain entry. When applied individually, door by door, this added level of access control not only protects your reception staff but stops unauthorised people from gaining access to sensitive areas of your premises.

We install and maintain Access Control and Door Entry Systems in Dublin in apartment blocks, flats, offices, schools, and sports clubs. 

Protecting your home or business from intruders is of paramount importance. As well as financial loss, a break-in can cause emotional upset and disruption to your life. Most of us do not consider the full implications of a break-in – until it’s too late! Most insurance companies will offer a reduced premium for properties that have a professionally fitted accredited burglar alarm. 

So don’t leave your Dublin home or business open to burglars – protect your family, pets, possessions,  or staff, assets & property with the installation of a professional burglar alarm system from ESP Security. 

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