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Burglar Alarm Repairs Dublin & Surroundng Counties


Have you been woken up in the middle of the night by a false alarm? Perhaps your security system isn’t functioning as expected? Choose our team of experts at ESP Security. Professional alarm repairs are just a call away!

Many homes and businesses have a burglar alarm installed however they don’t use them due to a fault. We find most burglar alarm faults are simple to repair and will not break the bank. Having a working alarm system reduces your risk of a burglary significantly.

If your alarm becomes faulty or you move into a new property with an existing alarm system that isn’t working as it should then you need to get it repaired by a reliable security system specialist so that it can offer all the protection your home, family or business deserve.


ESP Security repair and maintain all type of Intruder Alarms and Burglar Alarms, CCTV Systems and Door Entry systems & Intercoms.We service domestic and commercial clients across Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Louth and Meath. ★★ specialising in Astec, Aritech and HCK Alarm repairs. ★★

We guarantee a reliable top quality service. At an affordable price. If you would like our assistance or some professional friendly advice please get in touch today! please call on  01 8391188 or contact us here and we will call you back.

When it comes to Intruder Bruglar Alarms – if it doesn’t ring, it won’t protect a thing!  While many things can go wrong with a burglar alarm, it’s never too late to turn to professionals for help. Our team at ESP Security can repair all types of alarms and burglar systems to ensure that you and your property remain secure. 
Your burglar alarm system can also break down due to poor maintenance or poor repairs in the past. In that case, turn to our experts to get existing faults repaired and resolved. With our top-class alarm repair services, you can get the maximum protection from your security system.


We can repair most burglar alarm systems, even if we haven’t installed them ourselves. Many faults, especially on systems that haven’t been serviced for a while, can be resolved via a thorough service but we can also repair complex faults. We can also advise when systems are reaching the end of their useful life and it would be more cost effective to replace it.


  • Panels showing tamper faults and zone faults
  • Systems with regular or intermittent beeping
  • Alarms that go off at random
  • Alarms that won’t set
  • Battery faults
  • Alarms that go off in the event of a power cut
  • Relocation or addition of door contacts and sensors
Remember at ESP Security we can repair / service / adopt / upgrade most Intruder and Burglar Alarm Systems for domestic & residential, commercial and industrial premises★★ specialising in Astec, Aritech and HCK Alarm repairs. ★★


Do you know? If you have an alarm system regardless if you use it or not, the batteries needs to be checked regularly to avoid problems when you have a power cut. The battery within the alarm system has to be provide constant supply the event of the outage for the minimum of 12 hours. If the cells are old or not maintained or checked – your intruder alarm system is useless and can go off. These power problems usually happening at night. 

Just like most appliances and systems, an intruder alarm needs regular servicing and maintenance for it to work as it should and offer you its full protection. We would recommend an annual service to give the system a thorough check over and test batteries, sensors, panel/keypad, bell box and control panel processor.


Regular servicing your burglar alarm with often work out more cost effective in the long term because it will detect small issues before they become large ones and ensure consumable parts such as batteries are replaced in a timely manner before they start triggering faults. Regular servicing will:


  • Prolong the life of the system
  • Prevent troublesome faults such as alarm triggering in power cuts when batteries fail
  • Detect issues you may not be aware of unless alarm was triggered such as a non-sounding bell box
  • Give you peace of mind that your system is working as it should

Why Choose ESP Security for burglar alarm repairs or maintenace?

  • Reliable, qualified engineers
  • Highly experienced in the security industry
  • Timed appointments so you know when we’re coming
  • Dublin & Kildare based company covering the Dublin and North East region.

ESP Security are an established company with over 30 years experience offering a friendly, personal service with capability across a diverse range of security solutions. All our engineers are employed directly which means that we can guarantee their professionalism, knowledge and experience and that they meet our high expectations in terms of the service they give you. Read testimonials from our clients here.

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