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Beware: Burglars are using THIS simple trick to see if your home is empty

Over the weekend, it was reported in some national newspaper reports that burglars are using a simple trick to see if homes are unoccupied.

A singular strip of Sellotape across a keyhole on your home is a sinister sign that burglars are scoping your property to see if it’s empty.

The sticky strip covering your lock allows the burglar to establish if anyone has entered the house in the time period since they placed it on your door.

If the Sellotape remains untouched it signals to the robbers that the home is empty, making the burglary easier for them.

If you see Sellotape on your door, remove it, warn your neighbours and alert the Gardai that burglars may be operating in the area.

This new form of ‘house marking’ has been rampant in parts of North Dublin leading residents to raise their concerns with Gardai and their local TDs.

Other forms of marking which have hit the headlines in recent years included road markings in Ballybrack and Shankill which were not made by the local council and stone mounds being placed outside targeted homes in Co. Laois.

It is vital that you know how to keep your home safe during the darker mornings and evenings.

The lead up to Christmas is often called ‘burglary season’ with experts claiming that November is consistently the worst month of the year for criminal activity.

Newspaper reports that burglaries spike by 46% in November and there are 36% more break-ins in winter than there are is in summer.

With that in mind, here are some basic actions you can take to make your home more secure this winter:

1. Alarm your home every night – whether you’re there or not.

2. Keep windows and doors locked at all times. Apparently over 25% of burglars walk in the front door while 37% come through back doors and windows.

3. Leave curtains and blinds closed during the day so as not to draw attention to any valuables you may have.

4. Use timers to turn on lights even when you’re not at home.

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