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Aritech Repairs: Aritech CS350, Aritech CS450

The Aritech CS 350 or Aritech CS 450 home alarm was one of the most popular in Ireland in its day but was discontinued in 2006 as the new CS250 took over.

The CS350 and CS450 were excellent alarm control panels and are still to be found in homes throughout the country and for the purposes of a basic home alarm – they may still be good for a few more years.

A good idea would be to replace the external siren which makes it look like you have a new alarm system in your home.

We repair problems relating to the Aritech cs350 and Aritech cs450 and can also reprogram with a new code if you have lost the old one.

ESP Security upgrade and repair all  Aritech alarm systems. If you have an old Aritech alarm system not working, CS 235 – CS250 –
CS 350 – CS 450 – ESP can repair your alarm system and re-secure your premises from its unprotected state.

Not having a proper working alarm system is as bad as, having no alarm at all. If your alarm system is not in good working order, you may not be covered by your property insurance company.

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