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Aritech Alarm Repairs

We recently received a call from Mary in Sutton. She had an aritec alarm panel for the last ten years she needed repaired. She informed our on call engineer that she  had a message coming up on her aritec alarm panel informing her that she had a tamper bell  fault, meaning she could not set her alarm.

Our engineer explained that the aritec bell box could be faulty, but he would have to take a look at it to be sure. He was able to book Mary in for a call out that day to check the  aritec panel and confirm his first thought had been correct.   To repair the system he would need to replace the aritec bell box with a hkc bellbox on the front of the house. He also did a full service on the system .

Aritec were one of the first companies to introduce wire free alarm panels in Ireland. As the wire free aritec panel uses batteries to power their sensors, these batteries have a typical life span of about five years and will need to be replaced .

This is a typical type of aritech repair that ESP can perform for any aritec customer (even if we have not installed the aritec alarm). Along with the repair we also carry out a full service  of the alarm system.

The aritec panel also has a larger panel battery inside the panel. The lifespan of this aritec battery is about six years, it is important that the exact battery is used in the replacement of the battery as the wrong one could result in a fire.

Aritec wire free sensors, like all wire free sensors will need to be repaired or replaced, after a number of years. This is a repair ESP can do for any aritec customer. We carry a large range of aritec alarm sensors to fit all types of repairs to aritec panels. We also carry all hkc wire free sensors and risco wire free sensors – this is useful when a customer needs to extend the alarm system to cover a recent extension. Or if they wish to protect a shed attached to the house. We also carry batteries for remote control fobs for all alarms including aritec, hkc, astec, risco and  voisonic.

Last month we got a call from a landlord concerning an aritec alarm panel she had installed twelve years ago in a property she owns. She had a tenant move in at the weekend and the tenant had set off the alarm. The landlord had forgotten the aritec code and asked ESP for help. We sent out an engineer, he reprogrammed the system, repaired a small fault and gave the landlord a new code. He also did a full service on the aritec alarm panel. She was especially pleased we accepted credit cards and we were also able to email a receipt for the call .

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