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Aritec Burglar Alarm System Fault Repaired in North Dublin by ESP Security

We recently got a call from Caitriona living in North Dublin as she had an old Aritec alarm system which was giving her trouble. She explained the alarm had a message on the screen saying Zone 3 bedroom sensor.

We sent our engineer Joe out to have a look to see if the alarm sensor was faulty and after an inspection of the alarm system, Joe was able to tell Caitriona that the alarm sensors were working fine but the alarm panel had developed a fault. This was unfortunate but not too surprising as the alarm panel was now twenty two years old and had worked really well since ESP Security had installed it back in 1999.

The bad news was that the alarm panel needed to be replaced – but the good news was that the rest of the burglar alarm system was working fine. And as long as it is serviced regularly, it should keep working for the foreseeable future. Because Joe is so experienced he was
able to save Caitriona the cost of replacing all her alarm sensors which would have doubled the cost of repairing the alarm fault.

This is a perfect demonstration of how it pays to have a professional like Joe from ESP Security repair any of your burglar alarm faults.

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