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Alarm System Batteries are they all the same ?

As you can imagine the correct answer to this question is no, each alarm battery has a specific voltage and amperage and are designed for one particular job.

For example a car battery is twelve volts ,but is has an amperage of about 90amps which refers to the speed the electricity flows   here an alarm battery has 12 volts but can have 3 amps ,so if  you connect a car battery to an alarm system, the alarm system will explode and cause a home fire immediately.

Although this is an extreme case it shows the voltage may be important but the amperage is also very important not all 12 volt batteries are the same, even if the amperage difference is slightly higher than it should be, at the very least it can cause an acid leak in your home or worse a house fire.

The best way to replace your alarm system battery is to get the experts at ESP Security, we do this work all the time and we are aware of all the electric cables that we need to avoid when we open the alarm system panel.

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