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Why Do Alarm Sensors Become Faulty?

Inside all intruder alarm sensors there are moving pins. These pins are designed to pick up vibrations caused by an intruder during an attempted burglary of your home. The only problem is that these pins inside the intruder alarm sensors can jam in the open or closed position. If they jam in the open position,  when the householder attempts to set the intruder alarm system, it wont set up.

This in itself is bad enough but if the intruder alarm sensor jammed in the closed position, it is much worse because though the intruder alarm will set up,  the window will not detect an intruder or burglar trying to enter your home.

All intruder alarm equipment is open to this type of fault and it can effect intruder alarm sensors, intruder alarm contacts, intruder motion sensors, also called passive infra red beams PIR’S.

An open intruder alarm sensor will draw the users attention to a possible fault, but a closed intruder alarm sensor could lie undetected for a long period of time leaving the householder very vulnerable to burglary.

Another example of this is with an intruder contact fitted to an entry door  – if the alarm intruder contact jams in the closed position, when the door opens it will not set off the intruder alarm system.

For this reason its very important to have the alarm serviced and every alarm sensor fully tested.



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