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The Benefits of Monitored Burglar Alarm Apps



Traditionally when it came to alarm systems sold in Ireland, a lot of people opted not to have monthly charges or fees.

This means they opted for stand-alone alarm systems. When this type of alarm system is activated by a burglar then the bells on the system will ring for a designated time. This is potentially enough time to scare off a potential intruder. And if your neighbours are vigilant and check if everything is ok, then all the better.

However, it would be reasonable to assume that sometimes our neighbours won’t be so vigilant or may not even be at home at the time….With this in mind, ESP Security would highly recommend a more secure system like HKC self-monitored app. For as little as 10 euro per month, you can have access to the HKC monitoring app which is a text connection with the alarm.

With this app when the intruder breaks open a kitchen window for example, then the alarm will send the first message to your phone, kitchen window alarm activation, and when the intruder proceeds into your home and passes the motion beam, the alarm will send a second signal to your phone motion beam activation. This will prove that somebody is in your home.

When the app is fully integrated with a monitored alarm system, everything works much the same except the Gardai can attend the premises with a keyholder to let them in.

Compared to a monitored burglar alarm system, a standalone burglar alarm system typically has a higher potential for a burglary to occur. Here’s why:

Limited Deterrence: Standalone burglar alarm systems rely primarily on audible alarms to deter potential intruders. While the sound of an alarm may discourage some burglars, it is not always enough to prevent a determined intruder from attempting a break-in.

Lack of Immediate Response: In a standalone system, when an alarm is triggered, it typically produces a loud noise or activates strobe lights to alert the occupants. However, the responsibility for responding to the alarm falls on the occupants or property owners. If no one is present or available to take immediate action, such as contacting the authorities, the response time may be delayed or ineffective.

Limited Monitoring: Standalone burglar alarm systems do not connect to a central monitoring station, which means there is no professional monitoring service overseeing the system. Without monitoring, there is no dedicated team actively monitoring the security system and responding to alerts. This lack of monitoring can result in a delayed or inadequate response to a burglary attempt.

Limited Communication: Standalone burglar alarms typically do not have the capability to communicate with external devices or networks, such as smartphones or security services. This means there is no direct communication channel for alerts or updates, making it harder to receive timely information or request assistance.

No Verification of Alarms: Standalone systems often lack the ability to verify whether an alarm activation is a genuine threat or a false alarm. Without verification, there is a potential for false alarms, which can lead to complacency and decreased response from both occupants and law enforcement agencies.

It’s important to note that while a standalone burglar alarm system may have limitations in deterring and responding to burglaries, it can still provide a basic level of security and serve as a deterrent for opportunistic intruders. However, for a more comprehensive and proactive approach to security, a monitored burglar alarm system with professional monitoring is generally considered more effective in preventing burglaries and ensuring a swift response in case of an intrusion

What is the difference between a stand alone burglar alarm and a monitored burglar alarm app?

A standalone burglar alarm and a monitored burglar alarm app are two different types of security systems, each with its own features and functionality. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

Standalone Burglar Alarm: A standalone burglar alarm, as mentioned earlier, is a self-contained security system that operates independently. It typically consists of sensors, a control panel, and an audible alarm. Standalone alarms are not connected to any external devices or networks.

Key characteristics of standalone burglar alarms:

  • Localised operation: Standalone alarms function within the premises where they are installed and produce alerts  within that location.
  • No external communication: They do not have the capability to connect to external devices or networks such as smartphones or monitoring centers.
  • Self-management: The responsibility for responding to the alarm rests with the occupants or property owners.
  • Limited functionality: Standalone alarms usually provide basic intrusion detection and notification features.

Standalone burglar alarms are typically simpler in design and offer a more basic level of security compared to monitored systems or alarm apps.

Monitored Burglar Alarm App: A monitored burglar alarm app, on the other hand, combines the functionality of a burglar alarm system with the convenience of a smartphone or tablet application. These apps are typically used in conjunction with a monitored security system.

Key characteristics of monitored burglar alarm apps:

    • Remote access and control: Users can remotely arm or disarm their security system, receive real-time notifications, and access security features through the app.
    • Enhanced communication: The app connects to the monitoring center or security system via an internet connection, allowing for two-way communication.
    • Professional monitoring: The alarm system is connected to a central monitoring station, where security professionals monitor and respond to alerts received from the app.
    • Additional features: Monitored alarm apps may offer features such as live video streaming, remote viewing of security cameras, or integration with home automation systems.

ESP Securiy highly recommends Monitored HKC systems as the best alarm systems on the market.

HKC Monitored Alarms

HKC monitored alarms offer several benefits that enhance security and provide peace of mind. Some of the key advantages of HKC monitored alarms include:

Professional Monitoring: HKC monitored alarms are connected to a central monitoring station staffed by trained security professionals. These experts monitor your alarm system 24/7 and promptly respond to any alarms or alerts received. Having professional monitoring ensures that security incidents are quickly addressed, and appropriate actions, such as contacting emergency services, are taken when needed.

Rapid Emergency Response: In the event of an alarm activation or emergency, the central monitoring station associated with HKC monitored alarms can initiate a rapid emergency response. They can assess the situation, contact you or your designated contacts, and dispatch emergency services if necessary. This swift response can help minimize potential losses and ensure the safety of occupants or assets.

Real-Time Notifications: HKC monitored alarms provide real-time notifications to keep you informed about the status of your security system. Through the monitoring service, you can receive instant alerts via phone calls, text messages, or mobile app notifications when an alarm is triggered or when specific events occur. These notifications enable you to take immediate action or verify the situation remotely.

Enhanced Features and Integration: HKC monitored alarm systems often offer advanced features and integration capabilities. They can integrate with various security devices such as motion sensors, door/window contacts, CCTV cameras, and smart home automation systems. This integration allows you to have a comprehensive security solution with multiple layers of protection and control.

Remote Access and Control: With HKC monitored alarms, you can remotely access and control your security system through a mobile app or web portal. This gives you the ability to arm or disarm the system, receive notifications, view system status, and control connected devices from anywhere. Remote access and control provide convenience and flexibility, allowing you to manage your security system even when you are not on-site.

Insurance Benefits: Many insurance companies offer discounts on home insurance premiums for properties with monitored alarm systems. Having an HKC-monitored alarm may qualify you for such discounts, potentially saving you money on insurance costs.

Overall, HKC-monitored alarms offer the benefits of professional monitoring, rapid emergency response, real-time notifications, enhanced features, and remote access. These features work together to provide a robust security solution, ensuring the safety and protection of your property, belongings, and loved ones.

While the monthly fee for a monitored burglar alarm system may be an additional monthly charge, the benefits of enhanced security, prompt emergency response, professional assistance, reduced false alarms, insurance benefits, and peace of mind make it a worthwhile investment for many individuals and businesses looking to protect their properties and assets.

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