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Keeping your home secure during the winter

There are a number of things you can do to secure your home during the Winter months.  

Firstly, it would seem standard practice but you would be surprised at how many people go out without locking doors or windows. 
Leaving a window open for easy access to your home is the perfect festive treat for a burglar eyeing your presents under the tree.
Other people lock the door, but leave a key under the mat outside or plant pot on a piece of string by the letterbox for the kids to use when they come home from school. However, even the most amateur burglars know about that one. So our advice on this is never to leave keys ‘hidden’ in obvious places. 

How to Secure Your Home With Lights

It is important to note if you have high hedges or shrubs – they can obscure anyone’s sight from the pavement. So it is a good idea to trim high hedges so that your home IS always visible from the road. 

You can also secure your home by leaving the lights, radio, and television on while you are away. In most cases, burglars won’t risk breaking into an occupied house.

However, with ongoing electricity price hikes, it may be a good idea to purchase cheap timers to turn on and off lights, radios, and TVs – a good idea if you plan to go away on a holiday. There are some great timers out there that can detect daylight and will automatically turn off and on with the rising and falling of the sun.

These timers also come in handy when you’re popping out to collect the kids from their after-school activities and want the house to look occupied.

Be sure to hide your valuables

Make sure your valuables are kept away from windows so they can’t be seen. Jewelry isn’t the only thing that qualifies, but also smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so forth.

This is especially important to consider when the timer switch turns your lights on when you’re not there. After all, the switch can’t draw your curtains!

Lock your garage, especially if you keep tools in it that could be used to break in. Modern garage locks can be operated remotely using a smartphone or tablet, so you can lock or unlock the garage while away from home.

Secure Your Home With A Burglar Alarm

Another very obvious way to secure your home is to install a burglar alarm. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your local, friendly burglar who has a choice of two homes; yours or your neighbors. Your neighbor has a very visible burglar alarm while you don’t, which home do you suppose he will choose?

Protecting your property should be your top priority not just for your family but also for the valuable belongings that are in the house. Many people ignore, overlook, and underestimate the need of taking appropriate home security measures. Burglary or theft can lead to devastating consequences both financially and emotionally. The most effective and best way to protect your home is by having a full home alarm security system installed.

One of the greatest benefits of having an alarm fitted is that you gain a sense of peace of mind and security that your family and home are secured and protected at all times whether you are at home or not. You can relax in your house or if you are away, you will know your property is fully safe and guarded against fire, vandalism, and theft. If you are away, your security alarm system will notify you and the authorities that there is an issue at your home, if someone did try to break in or had broken into your property. 
ESP Security owner Brian Smith and his team specialise in the installation, maintenance, and support of Burglar Alarms Systems. We specialise in Electronic Security, Access Control, and CCTV systems, for all types of domestic premises and commercial organisations throughout the greater Dublin area, Kildare, Wicklow, Louth, and Meath. 
Give ESP Security a call today for a burglar alarm installation today & give yourself the peace of mind that a secure home can bring this winter. 

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