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How often should an alarm system be serviced?

ESP Security service all their systems every six months  – this way we can tell if an alarm sensor is beginning to become faulty

For example inside all alarm sensors there is a very fine metal reed inside a glass tube – this very thin piece of metal needs to move in or out depending on whether the door is open or closed. If this starts to jam it is usually time to change the sensor. This is important because if the pin jams in the closed position, then the alarm will not  detect the attempted burglary.

If it jams in the open position then the alarm system wont allow the householder to set the alarm before they leave.

These are the things we can pick up in a routine service. During an alarm service we can also detect low batteries before they become an issue – which will either cause the alarm system to activate or alternatively it will not allow the system user to use the alarm system when the need it.

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