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ESP Security replace Astec , Aritec, HKC RF Batteries

ESP Security has been replacing RF Sensor and RF back up batteries in burglar alarm systems all over Dublin and the surrounding counties for over 25 years.

A burglar alarm panel RF battery can last many years in your home security system depending on the alarm panel brand. Whereas a RF sensor battery will last about 3 to 5 years.

The types of RF alarm panels we can change batteries in include

  • Horizon,
  • Europlex
  • Aritec
  • HKC
  • Aritec 

At ESP Security we also replace all RF batteries in motion sensor RF beams, window RF sensors and on door RF sensors – which includes eircom Phonewatch batteries.

There are three sizes of batteries used in the burglar alarm systems in Ireland. They are the 2 amp, 3 amp and 7 amp batteries. If these burglar alarm batteries are not put in correctly or if the wrong burglar alarm battery is installed in the alarm panel – it can cause a house fire or it may leak acid out through the panel into your hallway destroying everything below it. That is why it always makes sense to call out a professional burglar company with years of experience like ESP Security.

We can replace all RF batteries in all RF alarm panels – just call us on  018391188.

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