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Getting a smart meter fitted to your home

During the installation of a smart meter the company installing the smart meter will need to disconnect the mains power for a short while.

This is fairly straight forward  – however, if your alarm system has no alarm battery or has a low battery message on the screen, then the alarm system will activate and will not stop ringing as the outside bell has its own battery and you will have no control over the burglar alarm system.

The answer to this is simple always pay attention to any messages on your burglar alarm keypad, especially if it says low battery.

This is important for all burglar alarm systems because even if you don’t use the alarm system,  it can still activate and won’t stop. This is why you should always have your burglar alarm system serviced and the alarm system battery checked. This service is is something ESP Security will be happy to do for you.

Remember, if you have a low battery on your burglar alarm system then any power cut will cause an alarm activation – and this could happen any time but quite often it’s the middle of the night.

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