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Repairing an alarm system and replacing an alarm system battery

When a technician from ESP Security replaces a battery in an alarm system this picture below is usually what we see inside your alarm panel.

When people think of replacing an alarm battery –  they usually think it is like changing a battery in a torch. Unfortunately that is not the case.

For one the alarm system will start to activate both bells when you open the panel, that’s assuming you can find the panel, usually positioned in the top of the hot press or in the far corner of your attic.

Once you decide to replace the battery, you would have to go onto the internet to purchase one. Assuming they sent you the correct battery – as the wrong one can cause a house fire, you can then proceed to replace the battery avoiding all the live cables inside the alarm panel and ignoring the alarm siren piercing in your ears.

The thing about changing your burglar alarm battery is the fact you certainly won’t be going through the process alone – because as you are working on your burglar alarm system battery –  all your neighbours will have to listen to the sirens blaring outside your home meanwhile your family have to listen to the siren inside your home.

All alarm systems have different batteries –  some 2 amp, some 3amp and some 7 amp –  if you fit the wrong one you may cause a fire.

So our overall message to you would be to always consult a professional when undertaking electrical work. There are also very delicate springs that need to be reset when the alarm panel lid is open. If this spring is not set correctly, you may have an ongoing tamper condition on your alarm panel setting the alarm system off.

If you wouldn’t feel confident enough to change a part inside your tv –  then you shouldn’t change a part inside your alarm system.

ESP Technicians carry all batteries and all parts for all alarms in their vans including HKC Batteries, Aritec Batteries, Homeguard Batteries, Phone watch Batteries, Scopetronic Batteries and more. 

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