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Despite last week’s blast of winter weather, Spring is definitely here (or so we are told…), and for farmers this will always be tied in with the stress and reward of birthing season. A priority for a lot of farmers will be to make sure to monitor their animals during Foaling or Lambing. Birthing animals should really be checked as often as possible, but obviously on a busy farm this has practical limitations. Because of this there are a host of CCTV options from ESP Security to help farmers anticipate the big event and also secure their premises.

Wireless CCTV– Whilst other monitors can alert you if something changes, only a long range wireless CCTV system with audio can give you an idea of what is going on live in the barn, stables or within the farmyard. When looking for a suitable system there are some important things to check. Make sure for example that the wireless range is enough to cover the distance. The best systems use cameras with external transmitters, providing much longer range and better weather resistance.

At ESP Security, we recognise that individuals have different needs and that is why we have developed a flexible CCTV installation package which can be tailored to your own specific requirements.

Specialist Horse Foaling Camera Kit– we have put this kit together to meet the specific demands of horse foaling and livestock breeding. This long range wireless kit can be set up in your barn or stables, allowing you to closely monitor images and audio of your animals from the comfort of your home! This also makes it great for use as a calving or lambing camera.

Horse security and surveillance is an important part of overall equestrian care. Foaling cameras and sick horse watch cameras are essential to farm monitoring but they are not the only cctv farm security that is needed. Monitoring to make sure that the horses are not injuring themselves or other horses and foals is also an important part of good equestrian management. You will also need to protect your property against malicious acts by vandals or thieves.

Also, many small and large horse facilities have discovered the benefit of monitoring and documenting their horses’ behaviours and habits. Re-playing the horse video footage to study behaviour and habits, or to show your vet how a horse is acting or responding is a handy tool to have when providing adequate care for your horses.

Many of our customers have also had to show the authorities archived footage of vandalism, malicious acts or even unwanted animals repeatedly on their property and/or harming their livestock. Having  footage on hand proved what was occurring and in many cases solved a mystery that would have never been discovered without their farm CCTV equipment.

If you are considering purchasing CCTV security cameras to monitor your animals or farmyard – get in touch with ESP Security. We have over 25 years experience and serve all areas across Dublin as well as the surrounding areas such as Wicklow, Kildare, Louth and Meath.

Whether you need CCTV cameras for your rural farm or stables that doesn’t have access to the Internet or WiFi, or you cannot run wires all over the place, we will help you find the perfect solution with the best security cameras from ESP Security.

If you  have any questions about barns, stables or farmyard CCTV cameras after reading through this post, please don’t hesitate to contact Brian and his team & and we’ll offer the best assistance. 01 83914188

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