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Equestrian Foaling CCTV Systems from ESP Security

You bred your mare almost a year ago, 340 days to be exact and have been waiting patiently. You have given her all her pre-foaling vaccinations, adjusted her diet and prepared a warm, well bedded stall. Everything is just right! So, what could possibly go wrong?

Well most likely nothing. Mares foal uneventfully about 90% of the time, but when things go south, they do so very quickly. So, every mare owner needs to be prepared for the potential circumstance when things do go wrong.

ESP CCTV Systems are used in many situations to protect people and property. Another use for a CCTV system is in the equestrian field, to help make a horse breeder aware when a mare is foaling. With a ESP CCTV system, you can look at the stables twenty-four hours a day, either on the monitor installed in your home, or on any laptop or ipad, or even on a smart phone, from anywhere in the world. These systems can work in total darkness thanks to the built in infra-red lamp, which gives a clear picture of horse in total darkness

A typical installation takes about one day and requires very little drilling or hammering. The cameras are hi definition digital cameras infra-red cameras. The foaling CCTV systems have the ability of storing the video footage for approximately a month on a hard drive, giving the user plenty of time to look back over any footage that may be required.

ESP have been installing CCTV systems for over twenty years in Dublin and surrounding counties. We have installed CCTV systems in schools, pubs, homes, warehouses, farmyards, stables and more!

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