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Do you need an alarm installer to replace your HKC, Astec or Aritec battery?

For the last 10 years, HKC alarm panels are the most commonly used panels in Dublin by alarm installers – before this Astec alarm panels were the most popular panels in Dublin and before that the biggest selling alarm panel in Dublin for alarm installers was the Aritec alarm panel – all of these alarm panels had one thing in common, they all had a back up alarm battery.

This is to ensure that when a power cut happens in your home or office the alarm battery will enable the user to continue to use the alarm panel as normal. The largest of these alarm batteries is the HKC alarm batteries – in most cases these are 7 amp alarm batteries.

Some of the the Aritec panels take an Aritec 3 amp alarm battery and the Astec alarm panels generally take a 2 amp alarm battery.

Although there are many variations of these alarm panels, it is important to get an expert like an engineer from ESP Security to replace the alarm batteries.

If the wrong alarm battery is placed in the HKC, Astec or Aritec alarm panel, it may melt causing damage to your home or at worst it may cause a fire, so always use an ESP Engineer to replace either the HKC, Astec or Artitec batttery. 

When a alarm panel has a power loss, the alarm battery will step in for a  specified perio , after this period the alarm system will totally die and this will cause the alarm battery in the alarm bell box to activate outside the house ringing the external bell.

Unfortunately the bell cannot be stopped as the key pad inside the house has no power. This means the bell will ring for the next hour or so and then will die – this could happen at 2am making you very unpopular in your area.

During this time the power may come back and all will be ok. This will also charge up the alarm battery for the next power cut.

It is important to make sure the alarm battery, be it HKC, Astec or Aritec battery –  is replaced regularly and is in the best shape when its needed because of a power cut .

In wire free alarm panels,there is also a battery in every sensor. This sensor battery will need to be replaced every couple of years with the correct battery.

The sensor battery replacement should be only done by a qualified ESP engineer as there are parts inside the sensor which need to be put back correctly to avoid damage and the need for sensor replacement. The remote control fob battery will also need to be replaced when it runs down.

If you take out a service contract with ESP Security, our engineer will test all  alarm batteries in the system for either Aritec, Astec or HKC batteries. They will also test the sensor battery and the pir battery, as well as the remote battery / fob battery. 

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