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At ESP Security we supply the latest technology in CCTV systems –  our intruder alarm systems can tell if an intruder is in your home. And now you can actually see if an intruder has entered your home on your smart phone .

ESP installs the latest LTS Digital video recorder, it can store up to a month’s recording on its hard drive. And at the end of the month, it simply overwrites the earliest recordings and continually stores a month’s images on file. As the authorised user of the CCTV system you can view the system from anywhere in the world once you enter your password. You can also look back on the system and view the history, to examine previous events .ESP Security only uses HD Cameras giving the user and the Gardai the best possible chance of catching the criminal.

The other great application of this system is for a business – it’s great for an employer to see their work premises and know that things are operating as he or she would like. Also in the case of litigation, if a customer falls and as a result blames the premises or staff for the fall –  it’s great to show that the staff may not be to blame and as a result you may save the cost of a litigation.

As you look around you can see CCTV in nearly every street in our towns and cities in Ireland. This is a very regulated industry and its important for people who are thinking of getting CCTV installed to deal with a licensed installer because dealing with a company who is not licensed may lead to a €3000 fine for installer and the client also. An alarm system installer in Newbridge was recently jailed for 8 months for operating without a license.

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