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Back Up Batteries For Burglar Alarm Systems

Why is a back-up battery so important for your house alarm system, and what are the benefits of it?

Firstly all alarm systems that ESP Security install in Dublin and surrounding counties are fitted with a back-up battery  – the purpose of this battery is to power the security system in the event of a power cut and to enable the alarm system to operate as normal without electricity .

The electricity could be turned off for various reasons either, bad weather or industrial strike or a burglar could be attempting to break into your home, assuming that switching off the power to the alarm system may help.

All batteries for our serviced alarm systems will power the alarm system for at least 24 hours, and will give the alarm system time for the alarm system dialler to contact the alarm monitoring centre.

If the power is lost to one of our serviced alarm systems in almost all situations the key pad will emit a low beep to inform the householder there is a power cut ,if this happens to your alarm system simply check the fuse board to see if any fuses are tripped.

The back-up battery has a life span of about 6 years however if there are a large number of power cuts this will eventually shorten the life of the battery. When the battery needs to be replaced on an ESP alarm system, it will display a low battery message. It is important to call ESP security to arrange the installation of a new battery for your alarm system as soon as possible. If its an old alarm system it may not inform you it has a low battery  – for this reason it is quite important to have older alarm system serviced regularly.

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