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5 Good Reasons To Service Your Alarm System

Some people prefer to know that in the event of an attempted intruder the alarm system is in peak condition, and will detect an intruder.

So what does an engineer do while servicing your alarm system?

1. Firstly they test the battery to see if it has enough power to operate the alarm system during a power cut. If there is not enough power in the battery then the alarm system will run down during a power cut, that in itself is bad enough, but the running down of the alarm system causes a relay to set off the external bell, and as this has a separate battery, you may be looking at 2 hours of an alarm system siren going off in the middle of the night, until it runs down or until you get a ladder from the shed and climb the wall to some-how try to disable the alarm system siren. We definitely do not recommend this.


2.  After the alarm engineer has tested the alarm battery they will then test each alarm sensor, when an alarm sensor is faulty it can do two things, firstly it annoyingly sets the house alarm off at different times, both day and night. Secondly the sensor fault can disable the alarm sensor, this is by far the more dangerous fault as the house holder is completely unaware that the alarm sensor is not working and will not detect a house intruder, it will allow the householder to set the alarm, even though a window sensor or a door alarm sensor is not working correctly.


3. It is an opportunity for the householder to change their alarm system code, this is a good idea as after a period of time the alarm system buttons, can show the marks of use on them, making the house alarm code easier to detect for a house burglar. You may have also have given your house alarm code out to people doing work in your house over the years, this is a very bad idea. If you purchased a new house then always change house alarm code, after the builder has finished work on site, also don’t put valuables in the house until you have changed the house alarm code.


4. It is also important to test the modem on the alarm system as you may not be aware, that there may be a fault on the alarm system which may delay the call to the monitoring station from your house alarm system, or disable the call all together, allowing the intruder to spend more time in your home stealing your possessions.


5. Smoke detectors need to be cleaned out on the inside from dust deposits

As this will impede the detection of smoke by the alarm system smoke detector. Passive infra-red beams also need to be cleaned on the inside to reduce false alarms on the alarm system.

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